RXP - an XML parser available under the GPL

RXP is a validating XML parser written in C. It is used by the LT XML toolkit, and the Festival speech synthesis system.

The current version of RXP supports XML 1.1, Namespaces 1.1, xml:id, and XML Catalogs. To use an XML Catalog, set the environment variable XML_CATALOG_FILES to a space-separated list of catalog files.

You can try using RXP to check an XML file.

The source for RXP is available here. So far, only minimal documentation is provided. A unix man page is here.

An MSDOS/Windows executable is here (not usually the latest version).

RXP can produce a serialization of a document's infoset. Use the "-o i" flag for this. There are also two stylesheets that take this serialization as input:

RXP is licensed under the GNU Public Licence. It may be made available under other licensing terms; contact richard@cogsci.ed.ac.uk for details.

I have a harness to run the Oasis test suite on RXP, and some (not necessarily up-to-date) results are can be found here.

Bug reports should be sent to Richard Tobin (richard@cogsci.ed.ac.uk).